Monthly show and tell:

February 2021


February 2020



Andrea wove this dress with a wool warp and wool/silk weft for a Gowns and Books function. Gorgeous!
Elisabeth wove place mats and a lovely scarf, with a reverse pattern feature. 
Jamie-Lee finished a warm and soft alpaca plaid shawl.
Maria's scarf is from the Bateman collection in very fine thread.
The mohair shawl and Mexico Day of the Dead scarf were woven by Pauline

December 2019


Hetti tailored a vest from Sylvia's fabric, making clever use of different fibres, Rosanna has finished her spectacular, long red and cream floor rug, Jamie-Lee wove a wrap from natural alpaca shades (and told us which animals the yarns came from), while the gorgeous long fabric from Andrea was made cotton and other yarns as the fancy took her. Her shawl was handspun silk and the pattern was from Ravelry (Navigator).
November 2019



Ruth wove a gorgeous, navy, mohair scarf with variegated lines, Mary is rejoicing in her latest floor rug, Helen wove and edged a baby scarf for her grandson, Lana made placemats and a bath mat, Fay used a very complex Bateman weave for a table runner and wove a boys blanket in 8 ply Bendigo wool, Andrea used pink and raspberry wool and alpaca to weave a length of fabric, Elisabeth completed a bag from our workshop using bits of woven fabric (photo lost) and an ivory scarf with Trenway silk and a plain silk, Maria demonstrated incredible patience weaving a thick and thin collapsible scarf in finest silk (photo disappeared) and Pauline completed a colour gamp and a black and white blanket for her grandson. It seems we have had a very productive month.

October 2019

Barbara completed her first project, a highly successful table runner in classic colours: great work Barb. Lynda completed a lovely scarf, Ruth wove 4 towels with different warp colours and Hetti showed us another jacket she made from her woven cloth. Talent runs deep in the group. Well done everyone!

August 2019



Hetti showed off 3 Bateman weaves, Elisabeth a merino scarf, Pauline a floor rug, Andrea showed us her blue and purple fabric, Maria a runner with painted palms, Nina her first woven piece: a lovely muticoloured scarf and Jamie 2 narrow alpaca scarves, while Roseanna completed her cotton runner. 
July 2019 


Marilyn dyed her wool with leaves from the Ironbark tree to produce this gorgeous colour, Louise made her scarf in reds and oranges and Fay showed her snail trail scarf. 

June 2019


Elisabeth showed us her rug made with glorious chenille and wool, Christine completed her cotton and linen table runner, Hetti created a black and white scarf as did Jamie in alpaca, Andrea her wool and misti alpaca scarf and Fay finished her placemats in a lovely overshot. 

May 2019

Elisabeth wove a scarf, which is as light as a feather, in suri alpaca and silk, Pauline's table runner is from the new Bateman book, Ruth wove this navy with blue scarf in mohair  and Marilyn did a spaced warp piece which is very colourful. 

April 2019



Louise handspun and wove this scarf, her first weaving for a while. She also dyed the some of the wool, including using avocado pips to achieve the lightest colour. Other scarves were woven by Ruth in turquoise and grey, Marilyn, an iridescent weave in blue and magenta, Helen in handspun greens, Andrea in twills with a variety of handspun and commercial yarns, and Pauline, another iridescent weave in rusts and turquoise. 

March 2019 

In March we have a lovely group of woven articles, with a couple of scarves, in alpaca from Jamie-Lee and purples and black from Elisabeth, along with her colourful towels and some experimentation with inset and textures in fabric from Andrea. Well done all!

February 2019

December 2018
Ruth made a lovely scarf in grey, pink and burgundy. Elisabeth showed us her placemat and scarf, woven with a wool warp and recycled silk weft, Hetty, as usual, made a stunning hearts scarf in an unknown yarn, Mary, about to do a class at the Guild's Summer School, wove an echo weave scarf and Pauline was surprised with the bubbles that emerged in a regular manner in her "Glacier" scarf. The bubbles were a result of the grey wool shrinking more in the wash than the other fibres. Maria brought in some fabrics from a Thai friend's mother. She produces fabrics from silk and cotton, which she dyes and weaves.

October/November 2018
Jamie-Lee's latest alpaca scarf: 2.7 metres long for her dad. Lucky man!

August 2018

Richard completed his first project, a herringbone scarf which looks superb. Pauline's 2 scarves are going to her granddaughters, one in grey and cream wool, the other in mohair. Lana's husband made her a collapsible warping board, copied from one Sylvia's husband made her. So practical. Anyone interested in these should talk to Lana. 

July 2018



Jean wove this colourful blanket for her grandson in strips, inspiring others to have a go. The wrap is Jamie-Lee's first weaving project, done on the knitter's loom with a cone of alpaca ends - lovely and soft. An amazing effort Jamie. Elisabeth has woven another scarf with a variegated inlay. Hetti wove the fabric for a jumper for her hubby with knitted bands. Lana wove metres of this beige and brown fabric on a knitter's loom, while Pauline's hand towels are inspired by Bertha Gray Hayes' miniature overshot patterns. The blue and black scarf is for her grandson (made to his order). Sylvia and Marilyn brought in their Friendship blankets, made by the Ngeri Weavers many years ago. Everyone in the group set up a white warp and gave yarn in their chosen colour to the others in the group, who each wove a square. Sylvia (red and white blanket) and Marilyn (pink and white) wove all the bands between the squares and treasure these lovely blankets still. 

June 2018

In a very productive month, Mary wove a floor rug in blues, greens and yellows, Pauline finished her green and deep burgundy huck scarf. Her multicoloured warp scarf was done using some of Helen's spun wool. The green scarf with supplementary warp was for her daughter's birthday. 
June finished some checked runners for her daughter. Elisabeth showed her scarf with inlay and a wrap in lustrous colours completed in spider weave. Fay's mohair scarf was light, airy and colourful. Andrea B made 2 bags (back and front of one pictured) and Hetti finished her overshot black and white scarf. 

May 2018
For her second project Ruth wove a huck lace runner in Andean red and deep purple cotton. Marilyn's crepe paper dyed yarn is woven into this scarf. Helen's scarf has lovely repeats of purple in the weft. 

Maria received a gift of 9m of kimono fabric after her son's wedding in Japan. The work is delicate and stunning. The second photo shows the back of one section. 

April 2018

March 2018
This scarf, made by Elisabeth, is from Edward Hussey's patterns of weaving from the 1780's in Wales. More details on Book tab above. 


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October 2016
Rene also showed this stunning, reversible garment from South America. 

September 2016
Andean Pebble Weave straps woven at Laverne's classes at the Guild. 

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February 2014, including Berwick Show winners


December 2013

Berwick Show 2020


Elisabeth won the Best Exhibit Rosette for her pink and cream scarf. Helen's scarf was 2nd, Pauline's scarves were 3rd and HC. 


Barbara first weaving project, a runner, was 1st in the Hand Woven Article section, while Jamie Lee's plaid came 2nd, Helen's baby blanket was 3rd and Pauline's runner was awarded HC.


Jamie Lee's scarf was 1st in the Hand Woven garment section.
Pauline's Hand Woven Collingwood rug was 1st in the rug section.  
A Grand effort one and all! Congratulations! We are fortunate to have such amazing artisans. 

Berwick Show 2019

Helen won Best Exhibit and 1st prize for her Handwoven Article and 3rd for her Handwoven scarf. 

This lovely baby rug won June 1st prize in the Handwoven Rug section, while Hetti took out a 1st in the Handwoven Scarf section and 2nd in the Handwoven Garment group. 

Eleanor was awarded a first for her Handwoven Cloth in the 13-18 years section. Pauline was first for her Handspun and Handwoven scarf and Handwoven Article. 


Seconds went to Andrea (Handwoven Length of Fabric) and Elisabeth (Handwoven Article) and a third to Elisabeth, also in the Handwoven Articles. 

Highly Commended ribbons were won by Ruth and Lana for their Handwoven Scarves and Eleanor for her Handwoven Article in the 13-18 yrs 'not listed section. 

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, 2018

Mary and Marilyn both got firsts, Mary for her Floor Rug and Marilyn for her Scarf in the Handcrafted Article using Innovative and Creative Techniques section. 


Berwick Show 2018

Our weavers have taken 14 ribbons at the Berwick Show. Congratulations to all!

Marilyn won the Best in Show rosette in Handweaving and 1st ribbon for her Handwoven scarf.

Helen won 1st for her Handwoven Garment and 3rd for her Handwoven Scarf.

Andrea B won 1st, 2nd and 3rd for her Handwoven Length of Fabric.

Pauline received 2 firsts, a second and third, first and third for her Handwoven Rugs, a first for her Handwoven Article (a pair of pillowslips) and second for her Handwoven Garment. 

Mary was awarded 2nd for her Handwoven Rug.

Fay received a 2nd for her Handwoven Article.

Lana received a 2nd for her Handwoven Scarf. 

Jean received a 3rd for her Handwoven Article. 

Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo, 2017

Helen: 1st in Predominantly wool item made on a rigid heddle loom

Elisabeth Gray 1st in Predominantly wool knee or travel rug, 3rd in Predominantly wool item 


Marilyn Fincher second in Other natural animal fibre article

Berwick Show 2017

Hetti: 1st and Rosette for her Handwoven Article, 1st for Handwoven Length of Fabric and 3rd for her Handwoven Scarf

Helen: 1st for her Handwoven Scarf

Lana: 2nd for her Handwoven Length of Fabric and 2nd for her Handwoven Scarf.

Elisabeth: 3rd for her Handwoven Article. 

Pauline: 2nd for her Handwoven Article and Highly Commended for her Handwoven Garment. 

Bendigo Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Marilyn: 1st for her Handcrafted article using Innovative Techniques, 3rd for her Travel Rug and HC for her silk scarf

Lana: 3rd for her Handwoven garment

Elisabeth: 3rd for her Scarf

Berwick Show 2016

Marilyn: 1st for her Handwoven Scarf.

Pauline: Rosette for her Handwoven Article and 1st for her Handwoven Length of Fabric.

Elisabeth: 1st for Handwoven Garment; 3rd for her Handwoven Article and Handwoven Scarf; Highly Commended for her Handwoven Scarf

Mary: 2nd for her Handwoven Scarf

Eleanor: 9-12 years: 1st for her Handwoven article 

Andrea B: 2nd for her Handwoven Fabric

Lana: 2nd for her Handspun Article

Maria: 2nd for her Silk Embroidery

Repair of wooden looms: See Mary for the contact details

Bhutanese Woven Fabrics


Winners at the Berwick Show 2015

Maria: Best Exhibit in Craft Section for her silk embroidery.

Pauline: Best Exhibit Handwoven

Elisabeth: 1st for her Handwoven scarf

Fay: 1st for her Handwoven Rug

Hetti: 1st for her Handwoven Garment, 2nd for her Handwoven length of fabric

Lana: 1st for her Handwoven length of fabric, 2nd for her Something New from Something Old

Pauline: 2nd for her Handwoven scarf, 3rd for her Handwoven article

Winners: Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2014

Hetti: !st Prize for Handwoven (and handspun) Garment 

Marilyn: 3rd Prize: Handwoven Article

Winners at the Berwick Show 2014

Hetti: Overall Best Exhibit and 1st place for Handwoven Garment, 2nd place for Handwoven Article.  

Maria: 1st place Hand Embroidery and 1st place for Handwoven Scarf.
Marilyn: 1st place Handwoven Rug

Elisabeth: 2nd place Handwoven Garment, 3rd places for Handwoven Garment, Handwoven scarf and Handwoven Article. 
 Pauline: 1st place for Handwoven Article

Faye: Commended for Handwoven Article

Annual report 2013 weaving highlights:
Berwick Show: Elisabeth G won "Best in Show"

Members demonstrated weaving: at Southern Autistic School and Salford Park Retirement Village.

The Australian Sheep and Wool Show: Hetti won the Kurburn Park Merino Stud Award for "best designed original hand woven apparel fabric from natural fibre". 

Waverley Spinners,
Dec 18, 2015, 7:43 PM