2023 is starting with a bang! We have a series of workshops planned, beginning with Indigo dyeing in March and a Sunday outing to an alpaca farm. 

Welcome to our website!    

Our members have a wealth of knowledge about spinning and weaving. 

The aim of our happy & enthusiastic group is to foster all aspects of spinning & weaving & to encourage new members to share our craft.

Spinning and Weaving workshops are held each Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

An evening workshop is held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 8 p.m

We aim to share our knowledge and trusted resources, handy tips, skills and current projects with each other. See below for more details about joining our group. 


Indigo Dyeing Workshop March 7 straight after our short monthly meeting. Bring along something to dye. Protein and plant fibres can be used. They would be best in small quantities to try for differing shades.

Visit to Jamielees Alpacas on March 19 with the opportunity to tour the Mill and shop if you wish. Check out details at Wadham House. 

Australian Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo 2023:  Friday 14th July - Sunday 16 July. The theme for the Bendigo Show is Connections and the breed is Poll Dorset.   Click to go to the schedule and the entry form.  We have taken a house again  with lots of room for those who would like to go. See Pauline for details. 

Congratulations Maria: Having your work selected for the Johnston Collection, Diamonds and Pearls, is amazing and well due. Your embroidery is exquisite. 

Unfortunately, our excursion to the Johnston Collection was cancelled due to COVID. The photos are of a box made for her granddaughter. The box was made by John. 

All meetings are held at:-                                

Wadham House, Craft & Hobbies Centre, 

52 Wadham Pde, Mount Waverley, 3149

Annual membership: $20 

Weekly fee: $3


Berwick Show: Congratulations Elisabeth, winner of the Best Exhibit and First Prize for her lovely grey and pink scarf. Andrea, Lana, Jamie Lee, Megan, Ros and Pauline also took out prizes. A big thank you to those who demonstrated spinning and weaving at the Show, spreading the knowledge about our crafts. 


Bendigo Woolcraft at the Sheep and Wool Show: Congratulations Christine: Best Novice Entry in Show Award; WSW: 2nd and 3rd in the group entry category (Well done Mary, Louise, Lana, Andrea, Susan, Helen, Elisabeth, Maria, Meagan and Pauline) and everyone else who entered items. 

Berwick Show: Best Exhibit and First prize for a handwoven garment was won by Helen. We achieved 9 more firsts, 4 seconds, 3 thirds and 3 highly commended. Congratulations everyone. A grand effort indeed! (plus a couple still to be added). 


Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show Woolcraft results: Mary, Marilyn, Susan, Rene and Megan all took our prizes, and Megan won a plaque and rosette for Best Novice Entry. Congratulations Megan!

Berwick Show: With 9 first prizes, including the Best in Show rosette for Marilyn, 6 seconds and 5 thirds the Waverley Spinners and Weavers excelled again. 

In addition, we entertained visitors to the show with both Spinning and Weaving demonstrations, enabling all comers to give it a go. 

Shows 2017

Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo

Congratulations are in order for Ann, Helen, Marilyn and Elisabeth who were all awarded for their entries. Photos and details on the weaving and knitting pages. The 2018 Woolcraft theme is The Homefront and merino is the breed.

Berwick Show: 

See the Weavers and Knitters pages to view the outstanding results again this year. Ann took out the Best Exhibit in Show rosette, Hetti was also awarded a rosette for her table runner. Congratulations everyone!


Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Marilyn, Lana and Elisabeth all took out prizes for their weaving. Photos are on the weaving page. 

Berwick Show: 

See the Spinners, Weavers and Knitters pages for the outstanding results at the 2016 Berwick Show with Marilyn winning Best Exhibit Handspun and Handknitted sash. Waverley Spinners and Weavers took out 24 ribbons. Well done everyone. 

We also had lots of visitors to the Show trying out both spinning and weaving as we demonstrated these skills. 


Bothwell Spin-In news: Andrea is now the World Champion for the Longest Thread Spindle - Alpaca section and came 3rd this year in the Longest Thread Wheel- Wool. Congratulations Andrea. 

Events 2023

We began the year with our usual lunch, but this time hosted by Maria and John. The food was varied and delicious, the garden and tables lovely and the company most entertaining. 

Events 2020

A lovely lunch was enjoyed by a large group at Fay's to begin this year's crafting. Thanks again Fay and Bill. 

Events 2019

Bendigo in July: 10 members enjoyed 5 days in the Bendigo region, including a trip to Inglewood, an old stomping ground for Ruth, the Stupa with the biggest jade Buddha in the world, Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show and the Woollen Mills. Our time together was fun, productive and fattening. The meals were varied, tasty and appreciated by all. 

New Year Lunch . Thanks once again Fay and Bill for inviting us to share your home. The neighbour's kitten seemed to enjoy our company. The after lunch climb to the top of the property (well the lookout anyway) was well worth it for the views. 

Events 2018

A large group were inspired by the weaving of Plush! and Pat Jones at Montsalvat. Photos on the photos tab. 

3 members enjoyed the Spin In and traders at Grand Valley in March. 

We had a wonderful start to the New Year with lunch at Fay and Bill's beautiful home in The Patch. Tasty food, terrific views and convivial company. 

Events 2017

Christmas lunch was a huge success. The best food yet and great company, although we did miss a few of our regulars who weren't able to attend. Hope to see you all in 2018. 

A number of our members enjoyed the Box Hill Hand Spinners and Weavers Spin-in on October 20. 

Many of us enjoyed a day out at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne and lunch in Clarendon St. The detail in and size of the tapestries is quite amazing. Photos here

2 members had a great day at the Gembrook Spin-in, enjoying the warm welcome from local members, the spinning and lunch. 

Sally Lambourne was our guest speaker from the Department of Sustainability on the 25th July. She spoke passionately about the problems of introduced species in Victoria. Thanks Sally! Thanks for organising this Cath!

Cancer Morning Tea/lunch: about 30 members gathered to celebrate time together. We welcomed members of the Ashburton Spinners and Weavers, shopped till we dropped at our trading table and appreciated the goodies on the raffle. 

We had a wonderful day in May felting with Sonya: thank you Sonya. Helen advised that felting needles and other supplies are available at Zart Art or online through Arbee crafts. 

Protein Dyeing without heat using Earth Palette dyes: in April was facilitated by Jay, Mary and Helen, thank you. Lovely colours in wool, alpaca and silk ensued, with about 18 members taking part. 

Cellulose Dyeing with Earth Palette dyes: in March was a huge success thanks to Andrea. Great colours were achieved in a variety of yarns including cotton, linen and tencel. Procion MX dyes can also be used and are available at Zart Art, as is soda ash.

9 members travelled to Harrietville and enjoyed the weekend immensely. 

18 members travelled to The Patch to enjoy Bill and Fay's hospitality to start off our year. A magnificent venue and lunch was enjoyed by all. Thanks Fay. 

Social Events 2016

These was a good attendance for the Team Competition as we were challenged to prepare, spin and ply fleece and knit the yarn into a square in one hour. 

15 members enjoyed a weekend at Mansfield celebrating Irene's milestone birthday. 

Several members have gone to Harrietville for workshops and the Grand Valley Spin In. 

The year began with a lunch at Fay's home at The Patch.



Community Service 2022

The knitting continues to be appreciated by the recipients as before Covid. Our morning tea for cancer research was well attended and again raised over $1,000. A fun day was had by all, and lots of us went home with a prize from the raffle or bagain from the table. 

Community Service 2020

Once again we have a very active group of knitters for a variety of people, including the prem babies at Monash, woollen socks for the CFA and other garments for KOGO (Knit One, Give One for the homeless).

Community Service 2019

Over $1000 was donated to Cancer Research at the Cabrini Hospital again this year, thanks to the generous support of all members and the Ashburton Spinners and Weavers who joined us for the day. 

$300 has been donated to the Very Special Children's Fund from our Pink Pig. This money comes from donations of yarn and other goods used by our members in their creations. They in turn pay for what is used via the Pink Pig.

$220 was donated to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show to encourage yarn crafts. This donation is used as prize money: the Peg Thomas and Wendy Harper prizes in particular. See more below about these. 

Community Service 2018

Cancer Morning Tea/Lunch: Again we raised over $1,000 while enjoying the company of both the Ashburton Spinners and Weavers and many of our own. Congratulations to all members who contributed in many ways to the successful day. 

Community Service 2017

Cancer Morning Tea/Lunch raised over $1000 to be gifted to the Cabrini Foundation for Cancer Research. Congratulations to everyone who joined in by donating goods, cooking or organising the details and coming along to join in. 

Days for Girls Rosanna showed members the contents of a Sanitary Hygiene Kit being produced in Australia for girls in East Timor to tackle the problem of school absenteeism as a result of hygiene issues. 3 members of our group have volunteered to help with sewing for kits. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

A donation was sent from our group in support of women to the East Timor Womens’ sewing Project.

Prizes for the Peg Harper and Wendy Thomas awards at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show, as well as other awards are contributed by the Waverley group. Peg Harper was a founding member of the Waverley Handweavers and Spinners group and a weaver. Wendy Thomas was President, a spinner and knitted beautiful socks. Her family donated her spinning wheel to the group for others to learn to spin. Both were nurses. 

A donation will be sent to the Bush Heritage Fund in memory of Elizabeth's brother. Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation, whose aim is to conserve bio-diversity in Australia. 

We also encourage our members to support the people of East Timor, through making clothes very much needed by many in poverty. This includes knitted garments. 

Ongoing fundraising for Very Special Kids with donations via the Pink Pig.

Members knit caps, jackets and booties for the Monash Premature Baby Unit.

Members supply an Aged Care Facility with knee rugs, which are hand crafted.