Waverley Spinners and Weavers Exhibition at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria October 2018


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Team Competition October 2016
The challenge: in a team of 4 comb, spin and ply fleece and knit a square to the given pattern from it in one hour. 
The teams working and the advisors/experts relaxing.
The finished product from the winning team. 
And the presentation of the trophy. A very serious endeavour!?

Bothwell Spin-In


Spendigo 2018

We gathered on Wednesday afternoon in a spacious house on several acres with lots of kangaroos, settled in and dashed off to the Woollen mill to get started on shopping for fibre. On Thursday, Castlemaine and Maldon received us graciously and we roamed the streets, shopped, ate, drank and laughed, and we found the new Polly Waffles - thanks Mary. Friday was Show Day. While we couldn't quite keep up with Helen's spending, we all gave it a go. The fashion parade and loads of fibre, not to mention the fact that there were animals too. Saturday saw us at the Jade Buddha, the Post Office Gallery, the Chinese Museum and a quick drop in on the Bowling Club artisans market, so Helen and Ruth could top up on a couple of things missed. Oops! forgot to mention Mary's Pimms and lunch at the Art Gallery. Then we needed to squeeze everything back in our cars on Sunday to come home. So much generous sharing of stories, hints on crafts, encouragement and friendship, not to mention all the lovely food we shared. A wonderful holiday! Thanks to everyone who came.




Bothwell Spin-In (cont)