An interesting yarn to Spin: rose stalks:


Show and tell:

February 2021
Jay's fractal spinning from a Summer School class at the Guild. 

December 2019

Jay spun the roving from Tassie (on the left) and then plied it with lemon merino from the Guild (right). She clearly has more to ply. 
May 2019

Jay spun Finn Merino and also Polwarth from Yarck.
April 2019
Andrea spun the Polwarth wool, the breed for the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show this year, while Jay spun this cotton and silk. 

March 2019 

Andrea scoured and dyed fleece in one pot to achieve her favourite blues and greens, spinning them in different weights. Jay spun these beautiful greys and pinks. 

February 2019

October 2018

The Pakenham Show put out a request for some items for their craft competition. In her usual style, Andrea B responded with a wealth of beautifully spun hanks, tussah silk, art yarns, fine merino and boucle, and took out a number of prizes. Congratulations Andrea!

August 2018
Jay spun a skein from a very dirty washable sliver, which has come up quite well. 

July 2018

Jay spun merino and soy, before beginning the knitting of this jumper. Pauline was pleased with her first efforts spinning alpaca and Louise showed her spinning in progress, reds and oranges and a green/blue mix, both wool. Fabulous colours. 

June 2018
This is Rosyln's handspun art yarn alpaca.

May 2018
Jay spun merino, cashmere and silk and dyed with landscape. 
April 2018

Spun linen: 

July 2017

Show and tell: December

Show and tell: September
Julie demonstrated her home-made drop spindle. 

Show and tell: May 
Eco-dyeing scarves with leaves and vegetables produced some lovely results.

Show and Tell: March

Show and Tell September


Show and Tell April

Berwick Show 2020


Andrea won Firsts for her 3 skeins of spun fleece, 3 skeins of coloured yarn, and 1st and 2nd for her natural blend yarn.Then she knitted some handspun into Socks and won again. Great work! Helen got first for her Handspun Cap and Ros was awarded a first for her Handspun Shawl. Clever people!

Berwick Show 2019

Jay and Andrea were both given first prizes for Spinning: Jay for 3 Skeins of Handspun Wool and Andrea for 3 Skeins of Commercially Prepared Fleece. 

Berwick Show 2018:

Andrea B: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Spinning, Fibre Blends.


Winners: Berwick Show 2016

Andrea B: 1st for Any handspun natural fibre or blend; 2nd for Handspun yarn


Eunice: 2nd for 3 skeins of handspun wool 

Winners: Berwick Show 2015

Helen: Best Exhibit Handspun and Handknitted

Helen: 2nd for her Handspun Hat

Dot: 1st for her 3 skeins of Handspun fibre, 1st for her Handspun child's garment, 2nd and 3rd for her Handspun Natural Animal Fibre Garments



Winner: The Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2014

Marilyn: 2nd Prize

Annual Report 2013 Spinning highlights: 

Members demonstrated weaving: at Southern Autistic School and Salford Park Retirement Village.
Waverley Spinners,
Mar 4, 2019, 11:15 PM
Waverley Spinners,
Mar 4, 2019, 11:15 PM