Show and tell:
December 2019

This prize winning (first prize in the Royal Melbourne Show), lovely butterfly wrap was machine knitted by Rene. The fibres are sock wool, synthetic, metallic and Bendigo wool (and a few others I think). A wonderful achievement and credit to long hours and difficult work. Congratulations Rene!

November 2019

Megan knitted a black jumper with a goose, a bad goose. You'll have to ask her!

June 2019
Pauline knitted the triangular shawl (pattern from Harrietville) with handspun wool, alpaca and silk; Jay knitted this lovely blue-grey cardigan in a commercial yarn. 

May 2019
Lana knitted this vest in a commercial yarn. 

April 2019
Helen knitted this beret from a pattern trialled at Harrietville, one that can be adapted to any size. 

March 2019
Lana showed us these lovely spiral socks, knitted using Eunice's pattern. 

October/November 2018
Lana's crocheted rug modelled by Nina. She has made over 1,000 pieces for the rug and is putting them together. Patience galore!

July 2018
Megan, in her usual efficient manner, just whipped up this gorgeous cardigan for a friend's daughter. Love the frills. 
June 2018

Megan is cutting down the front of her knitted cardigan and will pick up stitches for the bands and sleeves. Maureen finished spinning her brown wool (seemed to take forever) and has knitted this jumper for her son. Sylvia is crocheting sleeping mats for the homeless from plastic bags. 
May 2018

Lynda knitted this shawl with the Caradale pattern from Ravelry. Sylvia made the wrist warmers for her granddaughter. 
April 2018

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Knitting and needlework by Margot from design by Dorothy Addlem.

Spindle spun and handknitted. 

Some results from the protein and cellulose dyeing days. 

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Lovely embroidery from Lana

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Another pair of fabulous socks from Elisabeth: 

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Show and tell: February 2015

  and some possum pouches made by June

Show and tell: September 2014


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Berwick Show 2019

This beautiful Embroidery won 1st prize for all Maria's patient work. 


Ros received a 1st for her cute child's backpack, a 2nd for her Handspun Scarf, a 3rd for her Handspun Cap and Highly Commended for her Child's Handknitted Jumper. 

Lana received a 1st for her Crocheted Article in Wool and 3rd for her cute Bag.
Andrea achieved a 2nd for her Handspun Knitted Garment. 

5,000 poppies for Anzac Day 2015: Melbourne


Clearly a lot more than 5000, over 250,000 in fact. 

Some of Anne's poppies in this collection


Winners :

Berwick Show, 2020

Megan was awarded a first for her very colourful, bright, Hand Knitted Dress and 2nd for her Baby Jacket! Good work Megan. 

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, 2018

Megan had a great show, taking the Best Entry from a Novice plaque and rosette for her Handwoven Scarf. But she also won firsts in 2 other sections: Knitted Headwear from handspun yarn and Lace Knitting for her wedding ring shawl. Rene
Rene won a third for her Machine Knitted Child's Garment (beanie) and second for her Machine Knitted article. 
Susan got thirds for her Knitted Cardigan and Knitted Accessory.  



Berwick Show 2018

Lana, Eunice and Andrea B all won first prize, Eunice for her Handspun Hat, Andrea for her Handspun Garment and Lana for her Handknitted Garment. 


Australian Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo 2017

Ann: 2nd for her handspun natural fibre garment.

Berwick Show 2017

Ann: Best In Show rosette for her Crocheted Bag.

Eunice: 1st for her Handknitted Garment over 5 ply. 

Berwick Show 2016

Lauren: 9-12 years: Best Exhibit Rosette and 2nd for her hand knitted garments.

Kelly: 9-12 years 3rd and Highly Commended for her hand knitted garments. 

Eleanor: 9-12 years 1st for her Scarecrow from a wooden spoon and 3rd for her Gift Wrap Box. 

Elisabeth: 1st for her Handknitted Garment

Winners: Berwick Show 2015

Megan: 1st for her Handknitted Baby's cardigan and 1st for her Handknitted article

Dot: 1st and Special Award for her Vest

Elizabeth: 1st for her Handknitted Socks

Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2014

Helen: 2nd Prize: knitted scarf

Marilyn: 2nd Prize knitted Jumper

Irene, not one to let anything go to waste, collected tea bag strings and knitted them into a surprisingly soft and pretty scarf, with colours from cream to beige randomly throughout. 

Waverley Spinners,
Feb 27, 2018, 8:00 PM
Waverley Spinners,
Feb 27, 2018, 8:00 PM
Waverley Spinners,
Feb 27, 2018, 8:00 PM
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Feb 7, 2017, 1:51 AM
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